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A peaceful ambiance greeted me as I entered the upscale - state of the art - dental office of Dr. Tina Chandra. I was warmly and professionally welcomed by Samantha who helps patients feel right at home. Dr. Chandra thoroughly and lucidly explained the status and importance of my dental health, and we soon agreed on a compatible schedule to meet our goal. Later, after a much needed procedure, I experienced the tranquility and serenity of the “Relaxation Room” which afforded my start to a quick recovery. Dr. Tina Chandra and her entire dream team are incomparable; knowledgeable and committed to excellence. I thank her for a great experience and proudly share my new macho “Chandra Smile” with family, friends and neighbors. Now, I smile more broadly and more often...everywhere I go.

Robert C. Bush, Sr.

I highly recommend Dr. Chandra. She and her staff are extremely professional, competent, and gracious. You won't get a better result anywhere. Chandra Smile Designs is top-notch in every way

Katie Glynn

I have been a patient of Dr. Chandra for well over five years now. She and her wonderful staff have helped me out on numerous occasions from ceramic crowns to helping alleviate my fears of dental cleaning and dental work in general. I have received the BEST care and concern for my health as a patient and we are now working together through my TMJ issues. I have gone through the Tekscan, BioPak, and Tens treatment to relax my jaw/ neck muscles and am wearing a new full time bite guard. She does everything possible to help me deal with my stress and wear and tear on my body! I also "choose" to pay out of network because of the quality care that I receive!

Alisa Uhle

Dr. Chandra and her staff have done everything they can to make me feel comfortable through every appointment. I've had anxiety around certain procedures and they have always calmed me down. The entire staff down to the receptionist made sure I had an understanding of each step of my procedures as well as providing examples of Dr. Chandra's excellent work. They're very professional while making you feel like you are the only patient in the world! I think this is a rare combination in the world of medicine/dentistry. Actually rare in any industry! Thank you Chandra Smile Designs!

Laura Vitale

My experience at Chandra Smile Designs was outstanding! It started with the friendly and efficient receptionist and continued throughout the entire visit. Dr Chandra and her staff were very skilled, caring and professional. The results exceeded my highest expectations. I highly recommend Dr Chandra and her team.

Philip Barton

I have been going to Dr. Chandra for 18 years and she is the best. Her staff is always on top of every detail. I wont go anywhere else. Dr. Chandra always has the newest and latest technology to make the experience wonderful. I had a filling today and with the new tech I was in and out of the chair in about 20 minutes. Thank you Dr. Chandra!!!

Nick Bouffard

It was in 2010 that I came to Dr. Tina Chandra to have my teeth reconstructed into a new look. I brought pictures of myself as a teenager and young adult for comparison as to how I wanted my smile to be in the future. Dr. Chandra and I went through all the facets of what could and would be, what I wanted it to be, and what it would be from color, shape, and smile without gums showing. I was very pleased with the prognosis as I was told what to expect in order to achieve the best results. I was very comfortable and confident from our discussions. And, then there were the operations to achieve the final result. I don’t remember that, but oh, how wonderful was the taste of the chocolate shake after the operation!! The top denture was very comfortable, and there was no need to add “gluey stuff” to keep them in place. I had veneers put on my bottom teeth and also a bridge for the sides. This was a modern way to have a bridge connected and I was very impressed. When everything was completed, I was so extremely pleased with the results.

I have had absolutely no problems with my teeth in all these years, and had many compliments about my smile. I was very fortunate to have come to Dr. Chandra as it was a great experience to finally have teeth and a smile of which I am proud of.


Back in high school I was hit in the mouth with a softball which caused trauma to my front teeth, causing them to be discolored. Ever since I was always self-conscious of them and tried to hide them as much as I could. Dr Tina Chandra changed that. Although it was a big expense and quite a few Office visits to get my smile back it was worth every penny. From the moment I sat in the chair in her office I felt at ease and had complete confidence in her abilities and advice as to what would look the best and most natural. She is a true artist and seeks the best possible outcome for her patients. I get compliments all the time about my smile. Not only do my teeth look great and bright, I have no insecurities anymore about my smile, which is priceless. I would not recommend anyone other than Dr Chandra to get your smile back!!!

Kristi G.

Dr. Tina Chandra is an outstanding dentist doctor who was able to alleviate my painful TMJ and in the process create for me a wonderful smile. I am so grateful for her expertise.

Before my treatments began I was fully informed of the procedures and expected outcomes. During treatments she and her team always showed me great care and made me feel very comfortable. I am now pain free and have a smile that I am proud of.

Thank you, Dr. Chandra and Team. You are fantastic!!!

Carolyn M.

Struggling with daily headaches for years, Dr. Chandra diagnosed me with TMJ & recommended a full mouth restoration to correctly align my bite. The relief was immediate and my headaches disappeared. The added bonus was my beautiful smile!

Sheri Vero

It has been more than five years since Dr. Tina Chandra performed her dental magic on my smile. My teeth were badly worn, my bite was off, and TMJ was getting worse. Since my full restoration, I have had none of these old problems and I get compliments constantly about how beautiful my smile is. Thank you, Dr. Tina!

Frank V.

I love my new smile. Along with looking and feeling confident, I can chew my food with the greatest of ease. Dr. Tina Chandra and her outstanding team went up and beyond what I have ever experienced in dentistry. I always feel pampered and understood. They answered all of my questions, explained every procedure and the benefits in detail every step of the way. Yes, I highly recommend chandra smile designs to everyone.

Marie S.

Until I met Dr. Tina Chandra and her team, my least favorite thing to do was to go to a dentist. The first day I stepped into Dr. Chandra’s beautiful office I felt comfortable and not the least bit anxious. The entire team made me feel welcome that day in 2006. It has been like that with every visit and for whatever service I am having done. I have learned so much about good dental health care from she and her team. I trust Dr. Chandra. I know she wants my teeth to be the best they can be. I am so glad that I made the decision to have a whole new mouth! I love my new smile, and I use it often!

Cindy A.

As a child I was very quiet, I never wanted to open my mouth to talk because of how my teeth looked. Going to Dr. Tina Chandra was the best decision of my life. I now have the confidence I never had before, I feel good about myself due to the amazing smile Dr. Chandra and her team gave me and they all slowly became family to me. From the moment I walked in they were nothing but welcoming and helpful, it was almost scary how everyone in the office wore a smile and was always so chipper but it's because they are all extraordinarily passionate about what they do and they definitely exceeded all the expectations I had for them. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome and my smile has changed my life dramatically. Thank you!

Justin C.

For as long as I can remember, I was afraid to smile - my teeth held me back. Dr. Chandra took my insecurity and morphed it into a masterpiece. Now, I smile ALL. THE. TIME.!!!

Chelsy F.

Thanks to Dr. Chandra and her Team achieving my much-improved smile was far easier than I ever dreamed. Dr. Chandra along with her dedicated staff took extreme care that I was continuously comfortable during the entire procedure. I can say regaining a gleaming smile was one of the best improvement choices that I elected to make for myself. I would also like to add that Dr. Chandra did a wonderful job of restoration on my son's teeth after he had a serious auto accident some years ago. He and I have chosen to become lifelong patients of Chandra Smile Designs and continue to appreciate the quality care given us by everyone there.

Cheryl L.

As "young" retirees, 15 years ago, we both began to have issues with old fillings needing replacing, teeth wearing down, expensive root canals and teeth that looked less than bright and sparkly. When we heard of Dr. Chandra's reputation as top in her field and the best cosmetic dentist in Florida, we consulted with her and her expert team. We learned she could transform out smiles with porcelain veneers that would prevent all the continuous troubles we were having and give us youthful, attractive appearances. Both of us were treated with caring and outstanding skill and as you can see, we couldn't be happier with the results. Our dental troubles are basically non-existent and we look healthy and attractive. Even now, 15 years later, people still remark on our Hollywood smiles! We will always be grateful to Dr Chandra and her team who changed our lives for the better.

Dennis and Di L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Chandra's for 15 years and cannot say enough about her expertise and level of knowledge. She makes you feel comfortable and she genuinely cares about your oral health and smile!! As for the staff, I've never experienced an office team that was so professional , cordial, and accommodating. They are always friendly,upbeat, and smiling, If you are seeking the best in oral health, function, and appearance, I would sincerely recommend Dr. Chandra!!


Can you enjoy going to the Dentist? You can if you go to Dr. Chandra! Everyone there is so helpful and on top of things. Dr. Chandra is extremely caring and knowledgeable! Thank-you ! A terrific group of professionals!

Diane P.

I used to start to panic days before a dental appointment! Now, I go like I am going to any other errand. Very professional but better yet, very understanding of people who have that fear of the dentists. Her staff is wonderful and so easy to work with. Watch TV, listen to your music any thing to make your time there comfortable! AND my gums and teeth have never been in such good condition!

Ann S.

By Far the BEST Dentist in Ocala! Dr. Chandra and Her Team Strive and Succeed at Perfection. Patients Are Treated with Utmost Importance, Along with State of the Art Technology. Dr. Chandra is Truly an Expert in Her Profession. I'm So Glad I Found You! Thanks!

Dean W.

I love the experience. I was treated like a VIP. I would recommend Chandra to anyone that will listen. Thank you again.

Jessica D.

A fabulous staff patient care is extraordinary you feel like part of a family the best experience I have ever had Dr Chandra goes above and beyond her experience and tallent.

Liantine P.

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